SARAG Action Research & Learning 13 MAY 2019


Come Together - 'Next SARAG Action Research & Learning ", Monday 13 May 2019 from 7:00 pm at Berrymede Junior School Hall, 232 Osborne Road,London W3 8SN.. "EVERYONE IS WELCOME". This is a back-up page...Full website coming SARAG is the voice of the South Acton Neighbourhood (SAN) in the London Borough of Ealing. We are the residents association, established in 1997, representing about 5,200 people living in some 2,000 homes.

Residents are actively engaged with the SARAG campaign for a CLEAN, SAFE, GREEN & EQUITABLE South Acton. They already pay for this in Rent, Service Charges and Council Tax.

Having realized its major objective of helping South Actonians establish the South Acton Community Builders Co-Operative (SCBC), this long promised website is about to go live. Its content format and character are all guided by the following resolution passed at SARAG's Annual General Meeting Dec 2014.

SARAG Annual General Meeting ... 15 December 2014


Noting that...

Britain's Council Housing model, with it's estates, is one of this country's truly revolutionary social inventions (easily ranking with the NHS in original intent). See (


Noting that the model has its roots in such visionary projects as New Lanark, Port Sunlight (, Saltaire, Bournville ( et al -- against which all current social housing developments should be benchmarked


Thanks to their staying power, the residents of South Acton Estate have boldly brought into being this year 2014, the South Acton Community Builders Co-operative (SCBC), thus making Acton and L B Ealing participants in the celebration of the 170th Anniversary of the 1844 founding of the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers, ie the genesis of today's International Co-operative Movement.

This annual general meeting of SARAG therefore calls on the incoming MC (Managing Collective) to draw on the meaning of this resolution to guide everything it does.

(WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION) See link below for work in progress:


Contact: Lucia Otto

Phone: 020 8992 8533

Mobile: 07974284001

Email: | South Acton Community Builders Co-operative Ltd | William Morris House, Park Road North, London, London, W3 8RT
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